Are you frustrated with dry and flaky skin, acne, or even eczema? Truth is, most people are and it sure isn’t uncommon for one to have rashes on their skin or waking up in the morning to that huge unsightly bumpthat just lowers your self-esteem.

As an adult you can’t really fake an illness to avoid showing your face to work or even school. What if you have final exams that you must take or an important business meeting at work that you just can’t afford to miss?

We are all too familiar with this and as a result, we turn into different skin care regimens desperate for a cure but always ended up disappointed.

One thing is for sure though, diet plays a vital role in all skin conditions. However, we do not always get all the nutrients our body needs from the dietary interventions alone. Luckily, the best kept beauty secrets are not always found in the cosmetic shops; they can also be found at your local pharmacy store.

Lately, there has been a growing trend of taking supplements to help fight breakouts, wrinkles or even sun burns. Everyone wants to know if supplements will provide a beauty boost that skin care products alone can’t.

Here’s a breakdown of a few of the supplements we could all benefit from.

The omega-3 fish oil skin supplements

There are numerous health benefits that come from taking fish oil which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which makes it a popular supplement.

They are considered the essential fatty acids or “good fats” that have long been credited for increasing heart health and as well as helping your skin look healthier. They are necessary for human health but our bodies can’t make them, we have to get them from food or in supplement form.

Some dietary sources include: walnuts, flaxseed oil and oily fish (e.g. salmon, tuna). As a supplement you can buy it in liquid or the above gel capsules which are much easier to take.

Benefits of omega-3:

Act as natural moisturizers that revitalize dry skin from the inside out.

Acts as an inflammatory response to give you healthy skin.

Very important for hormonal balance because acne manifests as a result of hormonal imbalance.

Provide essential fatty acids EPA and DHA which our bodies are not capable of producing. These fatty acids serve as a cell lubricant, improving flexibility and communication between cells and aiding cell metabolism and gene expression.


If you have dry itchy skin or eczema attacks and even skin breakouts, then zinc is the supplement for you. Because it is excellent for wound healing and is also an important mineral for the maintenance of healthy and glowing skin.

Vitamin C

This is also great for a more glowing and clearer skin. It is known for its anti-ageing effect and is also a great anti-oxidant.

The body doesn’t produce vitamin C but we definitely need to include it in our diet.

Benefits of Vitamin C:

Helps increase elastin.

Tissue growth.

Collagen production

Dietary sources are: oranges, lemons, limes, berries, pineapple, capsicum, broccoli and tomato.
As a supplement it can be taken in the powdered form for easy absorption in the body.

In you quest for clear, glowing and healthy skin stop stacking up on unkind lotions and potions that don’t work.If you want healthy skin, feed it well because the foods we put into our body are as vital as the products we put on it.
Therefore, if you would like to reap the benefits of fish oil, vitamin C and zinc take them in supplement form.

So go on and turbo charge your diet through supplements and your skin will thank you!