About Us


Adara Skin and Laser Treatment Center is a noble idea conceived in 2015 by four visionary directors Dr.Beldina Gikundi, Dr.Muthoni Ogola, Cynthia Muthamia and Sarah Ogola-Munene . It seeks to bridge the gap of access to approachable, affordable, and professional non-invasive skin procedures for the booming beauty industry in Kenya and the greater East African region.


Adara, a Greek word meaning “one who is beautiful” , epitomizes the simplicity that lies in achieving beauty through understanding one’s own skin.
The world agrees that beauty runs skin deep – and we’re in the business of making this a reality for all our clients.

The word ‘Cosmedics’ is created from two words: cosmetics and medical. Cosmetics refers to products that are meant to enhance the appearance while medical cosmetic products are of a higher standard and quality than those found in beauty spas. Adara will ensure the best of both worlds and our expertise will reveal itsself.