7 ways to feel more beautiful

Do you ever wake up on a Monday morning thinking the weekend needs to learn to “slow its roll”? The way you feel on Monday can affect your entire week. And yet… there’s no rule out there that says we cannot enjoy every single day of the week. Who says we have to spend Monday to Friday counting down to the weekend? Today’s post is tailored to help you feel beautiful all week – because a woman who feels beautiful can take on any challenge.


It’s amazing what a simple smile can do. It’s about more than just using fewer muscles to smile than to frown. Your smile actually makes you look more beautiful and brightens up the space around you. Smiles are contagious, and they make people want to be around you. The more likeable you are, the more beautiful you’ll feel. Try it out! Smile in traffic, at your desk, at home. You’ll notice that the mood around you instantly picks up.

2. Eat right

The right foods will boost your energy levels, fight stress, and help you manage your weight. It will also help your skin glow! Have you read this post we wrote about what foods you can eat for healthy skin?

3. Stop that lying tape recorder

Many of us remember times when someone said something that made us feel ugly. If you’re like most women, these comments live on in your mind long after the person who made them has moved on. You play them over and over, allowing them to limit you, steal your confidence, and make you feel “unpretty.” Recognizing and putting a stop to those thoughts will go a long way in helping you feel beautiful this week. It doesn’t matter what he or she thinks or said. You are you, and you can do it. You’re an Adara woman. Own your beauty, because you are beautiful.

4. Work out

Endorphins are chemicals released when we work out. Science has proven that they trigger positive feelings in our bodies and distract us from the stresses and strains of life. Exercise is good for both inner and outer beauty. Break a sweat this week – it’ll make you look and feel better.

5. Give someone a treat

Givers have been known to be happy people. Whether your giving is monetary, inspirational, or even an act of service, giving is a great way to help you feel beautiful. Mentor a coworker. Surprise your mom with Adara’s skin-tightening service. Give your time to someone who needs it. Trust us – you’ll feel great about it. Our lives are made richer when we give.

6. Dress fabulously – but comfortably

Playing dress-up for absolutely no reason will make you feel beautiful. Who says you only have to look fabulous for an interview, date, or event? Go ahead – glam up, just because…

7. Make time for you

…Or, glam up and treat yourself to an amazing time! Have lunch or dinner at a fancy place. Reflect on how far you’ve come as you treat yourself to an Adara Hydrafacial. Finally get that armpit or leg hair removed using our quick, painless laser technology! If you don’t take care of you, you’ll have a difficult time taking care of those you love.

No matter what you get up to, the one thing that will always make you feel beautiful is the understanding that you ARE beautiful. Have a fabulous week! Write to us and let us know how your week goes.

Boldly, beautifully yours,

The Adara team