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July 15, 2020

12 Skin Commandments

#1 THOU SHALT ALWAYS DOUBLE CLEANSE The double cleanse is the cleansing method used for clear skin. It involves washing your face in two steps; first by using an oil-based cleanser or micellar water, followed by a water-based cleanser. The first step draws out oil-based impurities such as sebum, SPF, […]
July 4, 2016

7 ways to feel more beautiful

Do you ever wake up on a Monday morning thinking the weekend needs to learn to “slow its roll”? The way you feel on Monday can affect your entire week. And yet… there’s no rule out there that says we cannot enjoy every single day of the week. Who says […]
March 6, 2016

Suitable Skin Care Routine

Most people are hesitant when changing their skincare routine. Whether their current one is working or not, they fear that changing their products will have a negative impact on their skin. The truth is implementing different skincare products and ingredients into your routine are beneficial. Just like a personal trainer advises their clients to rotate their workouts so your muscles don’t become complacent, estheticians advise their clients to change their skincare routine. This allows the skin to receive different benefits from new products. Your skin is consistently changing and your skincare should be adjusting to reflect your skins current needs.
February 27, 2016

Body Hair: Hair removal, what’s your poison?

Let’s face it guys, everyone’s dream is hairlessness! When I think of body hair, my mind goes straight to those unwanted hairs I cringe at when I look at my body. Ladies, you know what I’m talking. The lustrous armpits, the hairy legs, lets not even get started on what lies in between our legs…the horror.
February 27, 2016

Our Products

It is important to have a daily skin care routine in order to have healthy, glowing skin. To determine your daily routine, 1st you MUST know your skin type. This is an incredibly important step in order to have effective results
February 18, 2016

What to eat for healthy skin

We all know that saying, “you are what you eat.” The food we put in our bodies can be reflected in our outer appearance. So when our skin acts up, it’s possible our diet could be to blame. And since our skin is our body’s largest organ, it’s important to take good care of it. Whilst skin creams do help, our skin is greatly affected by what we put in our mouths. Processed foods that contain sugar and refined carbs produce inflammation in the body and oxidative stress.
February 18, 2016

Benefits Of Laser Treatment

Before we discuss the benefits of laser treatment, we should first understand what we mean by laser treatment. The word LASER is an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
February 18, 2016

Different Skin Types

Your skin is amazing. Yes, you. Why, you ask? Well here are a few reasons: One, the skin is the largest organ in the human body. If laid out, it would cover approximately 21 square feet. Secondly, it serves many functions such as providing a protective barrier from the external world, regulating body temperature, as well as absorbing and excreting certain elements.
November 21, 2015

The best kept secrets to better skin

Are you frustrated with dry and flaky skin, acne, or even eczema? Truth is, most people are and it sure isn’t uncommon for one to have rashes on their skin or waking up in the morning to that huge unsightly bump that just lowers your self-esteem
November 20, 2015

Does Drinking water really give you glowing skin?

Your skin looks great! The compliment we all love to hear (I know I do). We all probably appreciate that compliment so much because our skin is a window for our health. What’s going on internally is reflected in our skin, so if our skin is glowing, it means we are really nurturing and nourishing ourselves.